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I am a psychologist with professional training and practical skills to help my clients learn to cope more effectively with various life issues. As a fully registered Psychologist I have undertaken several years of under graduate and post graduate training. However, my most valued attribute to help you is my considerable life and professional experience in a huge range of situations.

During our work together we will go through various processes to help get some clarity and positive direction on your issues. One of my favourite frameworks is called ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT is primarily based on finding out what you truly value and how you can lead a happy and meaningful life – you can also read about my approach to therapy in my book ‘Why Clever People Do Dumb Things’.

Many of my clients report that after just a few sessions together they achieve a handle on their ‘struggles’ and find ways to move forward.

As well as seeing clients in my ‘private’ practice I also see corporate clients in my role as a mentor and public speaker. If you would like more information about my ‘public’ role please see my greatchangemaker.com.au website or give me a call on 0411302506.

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As well as seeing clients in my ‘private’ practice I also see corporate clients in my role as a mentor and public speaker. If you would like more information about my ‘public’ role please see my greatchangemaker.com.au website or give me a call on 0411302506.
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Emergency Call

If you find yourself in a personal emergency and cannot get through to me then please telephone either 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14